Specifically designed for 6-8 year olds

The Bambino Class

The Bambino class is specifically designed for 6-8 year olds to experience the sport of karting. The bambino class uses a kart that is the correct size and not to heavy for drivers.

 The karts are powered by the Comer 50cc engine, the engines are prepared by Comer for the UK market to ensure they comply to the Motorsport UK regulations and have engine identification seals on both the cylinder and crankcase, these engine numbers must match the ones on the database of the UK distributors Zip kart and the numbers on your Comer C50 engine log card. This is to keep the level of tuning and selecting parts for engines to a minimum.

The class also uses the Motorsport UK Le Cont all weather tyre, which has been specially designed for the Bambino class in the UK. The tyre is a hard compound slick tyre with a wet tread pattern cut into it. This means that you only need one type of tyre for all conditions wet or dry.

To get started in the Bambino class we suggest that you try Bambino karting at one of the approved centres in the UK , as the class is new and still growing the number of approved schools is still growing, however feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

From 2018 7 year old Bambinos can race in Motorsport UK Championship competition , drivers must have competed in at least 6 Motorsport UK time trail events.

Please contact us to find your nearest track in the UK that can offer Bambino specific training.

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