Karting UK Bambino 2019 Venues & Standings

We are currently taking registrations for the 2019 KARTING UK Bambino Championships, divers wishing to compete in the 2019 Championship should fill out the registration form on the registration page (please note if have registred in 2108 you don not need to register on the new site)

2019 KARTING UK Bambino Racing Championship for drivers 7 years plus with 6 KARTING UK signatures for time trail events.


Round 1: PFI 27/28 April – with new Karting UK Championship

Round 2: 3 Sisters 25/26 May –With Gold cup meeting

Round 3: Rowrah 8/9 June –Inc Karting UK O Plate for Bambino (race)

Round 4: Shenington 17/18 August

Round 5: Rissington 31st Aug/1st September –with Midlands Champs

Round 6: Larkhall 14/15 September –With NKF Championship

Round 7: Bayford Meadows 19/20 October –With Kent Kart Championship

Other dates of note :

Le Cont Winter Cup : Bayford meadows 16/17 February

2019 KARTING UK Time trial championship suitable for 6-8 year olds novice drivers welcome

Motorsport UK 2019 Bambino Time Trial Championship.


R1  April 20/21 Bayford meadows

R2 June 1/2 June  Rissington

R3  July 6/7  PFI

R4 August 24/25/26 Rowrah (double header)

R5  Last round TBC

All rounds have Saturday practice

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